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About us

Springkode is a sustainable fashion marketplace where you can find exclusive limited runs of premium quality garments, produced with unused excess fabrics from the production runs for the top fashion houses, for a fraction of their traditional retail price in the high street. These are original creations developed by the design teams within each textile manufacturer who make the most of timeless premium fabric deadstock and tons of product development expertise acquired in the past decades of collaboration with top brands within the super fast paced fashion industry.

Springkode is a Win-Win-Win situation: for you, for the textile manufacturer and fundamentally to the world.

Did you know that it takes 2.700 litres of water to make one t-shirt? By purchasing your clothes from Springkode you will be saving additional natural resources from being consumed and promoting a fairer distribution of value along the fashion industry supply chain. We have curated a network of some of the best textile manufacturers for you, the top 1-2% of independent factories that adhere to the highest standards, produce for the best luxury brands and passionately strive in their craft. Our partners regularly work for brands like Chloé, Givenchy, Coach, Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant and countless others. From technical to fashion, we work to deliver you a broad range of products, always with a strong commitment to transparency and quality. At Springkode you will always be sure of the positive impact your purchase has in the fashion industry sustainability and in the world. You will always know where your clothes where manufactured and that the lion share of your purchase reverts to the textile manufacturer.

October 28th, 2019Springkode