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Be Authentic. Springkode!

About us

SPRINGKODE is a sustainable fashion marketplace connecting the best-in-class manufacturers and conscious consumers. The factories leverage unused fabrics, produce high-quality garments and ship straight from their production plant to you. Here you can find a transparent price policy and be closer to the people who make your clothes. Follow quality, not trends!

A long time ago people used to brag about and be proud of buying quality clothes straight from the factory. That has always been the smartest way to access unbeatable high-quality items. We want to bring it back and share it with the world.

What we care about

Luxury Quality

Straight from the factory

We care about the production of flawless top-quality clothing. We continuously strive to find the top 1-2% of independent factories that adhere to the highest standards and produce for the best luxury brands. We want to promote the ones who are truly responsible and passionately strive in their craft. Our partners regularly work for brands like Chloé, Givenchy, Burberry, Coach, Armani or Boss.


Exclusively less than 50 pieces

We care about offering exclusive creations you won’t run into anywhere else. We will only make up to 50 pieces of each design, so you never run into someone with the same outfit again. From the same design and production teams that cater to the professional buyers of the most luxurious and demanding fashion powerhouses.


Farm to table

We care for sustainable fashion and believe in a new world order for fashion business. We value transparency and authenticity. With Springkode you know what and from where you are buying, certain you will only find certified and ethically sourced productions. Our partners make use of existing fabrics from other productions, produce only limited series to avoid waste and ship directly to reduce carbon footprint.