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There’s no such thing as having too many dresses, especially when summer is just around the corner. Based on what’s been featured on the catwalks and what we’ve spotted on our Instagram feeds, here are the top 5 dress styles that’ll be on show next season. All which are Springkode approved.


Is it a shirt or is it a dress? It’s both! A shirt dress happens to be exactly what it sounds like: a shirt that’s long enough to be considered as a dress. Practical but also sophisticated and professional, this type of dress is perfect for those days when you need a double-duty outfit that can take you from the office to after-work drinks, a date or a girls’ night out. What’s more, it’s so easy to pull it off that you can also recreate the look with an oversized classic shirt (you needn’t search hard, there’ll be one in your boyfriend’s wardrobe) and add a belt to accentuate your figure and make it more ladylike.

Maxi dresses

Can you believe there was ever a time when we survived summertime without a pile of maxi dresses? Light and easy to wear, maxi dresses don’t require much thinking - they make an entire outfit - but they have the power of making a bigger statement than sometimes a mini dress would. In addition, they provide more coverage while elongating the figure and are one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces ever made. The best part is, from block and bold colours to patterned styles, there’s always one for every occasion. This season, think prairie dresses by day and sheer fabrics by night.

Mini dresses

Wardrobes have plenty of space for mini dresses. Summer demands it so and our legs deserve to be bare from time to time. What’s more, they’re a perfect match with cowboy and combat boots and we don’t intend on putting them away anytime soon. In addition, mini dresses will play a big role during the coming wedding season.

Asymmetric dresses

The ultimate statement-making silhouette, the asymmetric dress is here to stay. Fun and unique, this style is fashion’s way of saying how perfect it is to be imperfect and bold. The asymmetry usually goes in the hems, which can go any direction, but this season we’re opting for sideways hems, simply as a way of adding an intriguing and creative detail to the piece.

Layered dresses

We love to play with clothes and that’s why we are obsessed with layered dresses. They create the illusion of being dressed in more than one piece – “Is it a dress or a skirt and a top?”, onlookers will wonder - and add dimension, volume and a fun side to any look. The best part of all is that the styling options are infinite.

April 19th, 2019Springkode

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