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What does deadstock mean, exactly? Get to know all about this way of upcycling unused excess fabric to deliver exclusive and eco-friendly fashion.

The fashion industry is responsible for a lot of waste, water consumption and carbon emissions, globally. However, there's always a way of avoiding this. We chose to partner with manufacturers that produce their collections by using unused excess fabrics, commonly referred to as deadstock, and produce limited and exclusive pieces with high quality fabric that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

What is deadstock, end of roll or unused excess fabric?

Basically, deadstock is fabric that was produced in excess and unused by the factory or brand that ordered it – hence, unused excess fabric. What then happens is that fabric is thrown away – ending up in landfills – or even disposed of by burning – yikes!

This way, besides all the processes involved in the production of fabric that might be harmful to the environment, the disposal of unused excess fabric – or deadstock – creates yet another problem. Sad, but true. But, hold on, not everything is bad news! Our manufacturer partners, actually use those unused excess fabrics to create beautiful, durable and eco-friendly pieces in a process known as upcycling.

Let us be very clear: these unused excess fabrics are extremely high quality, luxury fabrics. By using this “end of roll” fabric, our manufacturer partners are able to produce extremely limited pieces of each design, making each one very exclusive – and always with the highest quality standards.

The fabric we used on our partner’s collections is not only excess fabric. It is ethically made, organic and sustainable unused luxury excess fabric. Let us tell you a little secret – our carefully chosen partners work with brands such as Chloé, Givenchy, Armani, Boss or Burberry on a regular basis.

But now you think: How can I be sure of this?

At Springkode we value transparency. We have nothing to hide – and we don't want to hide anything from you! We really want our clothes to matter. Do you want to know where your Springkode clothes come from? Check out our partners!

September 4th, 2019Springkode

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