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Everything you need to know about linen fabric

Linen fabric goes back all the way to Egypt, and despite its 4,000 year-old history it's always fashionable. Here's everything you need to know about linen.

Which is a milenar type of fabric that has been widely used in history and still is never out of fashion? – are we thinking about the same fabric? Find out all you need to know about linen fabric and how to wear it impeccably.

Linen Fabric: how it all started

It is a bit difficult to pinpoint the origin of linen fabric in time. We know Egyptians in Ancient Egypt used it in burials and mummifications. At the same time, some evidence suggests a linen-like type of fabric was used as early as 34,000BC! - specifically, some 30,000 year old dyed flax fibers found in a cave in Georgia. And while linen fabric's history is amazing, linen itself is very complex and yet very simple.

How it's made

The simple way to put it: linen fabric is made from flax. However, making linen fabric is very labourious. Flax has to undergo a series of processes to become linen: harvesting, drying, rippling, retting, scutching, heckling and finally spinning into yarn and knitting. And you wondered why this is such a special and valued fabric!

Sustainable , versatile and biodegradable

This textile is very sturdy, strong and very absorbent – it dries faster than cotton and performs much better in hot and humid environments. A big plus of linen fabric is its coolness – that's why it is a favourite during Summer time.

But this is not all, no! Linen fabric is one of the most sustainable types of fabric there is! When non dyed, linen fabric is 100% biodegradable and, organic or not, it takes very little water in its production!

And while linen is closely associated with warm weather due to its coolness and freshness, it is absolutely not exclusive of summer clothes. The same goes for its use both in casual settings and more formal or festive occasions.

Ready to love some linen? Check out these pieces – and remember all of them are manufactured following the highest quality standards!

April 1st, 2020Springkode

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