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The low prices that many brands are practicing made us consume more. We forgot about what is best for us, for the workers in this industry and for the environment. Inhumane working conditions, toxic clothing, river pollution, and forest destruction are some of the consequences of the fast-fashion trend. The endless cheap garments production which makes us weaker every year.

We know that it is possible to change the fashion world order - it starts by changing our mindset. Why is it so easy for us to start eating better, but when it comes to buying better clothes it’s not?

"Out of sight, out of mind", that’s why!

We know that if you buy a basic t-shirt, it will satisfy its purpose. "Why should I buy the same t-shirt for double the price?" you ask. We tell you why - because you're doing good, not only to you but to a wide chain that provided you this basic t-shirt. A wide chain of people, high-quality raw materials and ethical productions that you can’t see.

We are all aware that you need to pay extra for quality, but have you ever wondered why? It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to present to you long-lasting premium items.

We have a mission. You should know why the price is fixed like this. How did manufacturers calculate their garment prices? What are you wearing? and who made it?

These seamstresses are the cooks of the clothes you wear. And the manufacturers harvest the best crop to give you premium quality garments that will make your skin smile. It will last for a lifetime if treated with the same love.

Our mission is clear. To change your mindset.

April 20th, 2020Springkode

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