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In a world where fast fashion giants make us feel like clones, Portuguese factories stand out by producing unique designs in smaller doses. And is there anything better than feeling exclusive?

Trends come and go. And so does our obsession with clothes, accessories included. New Instagram trends pop up at every minute – and disappear as quickly – and fast fashion giants are here to keep those trends floating. We are being utterly crushed by new collections and each season there is a somehow self-imposed pressure to upgrade our closets (that is so 2000-something-late, have you not heard?)

And even though we are constantly reminded of what should be seen as a great investment (read immortal classics or not) and on the other hand what definitely should not, we keep making impulsive purchases, relying on the fact that if we go cheaper, it will be reasonable. But now that we speak sustainable more than ever, shouldn’t we apply the ‘great investment commitment’ to every single piece we put in our online shopping carts?

We say “yes, we should” at Springkode. Not only because buying an endless amount of cheap clothes has a long-term cost that is slowly killing our planet and his resources, but also because we want to keep exclusivity and individuality well and alive.

And how do we keep the heart of uniqueness beating fast and loud? By connecting with factories that abide by mindful production philosophies and make fewer, but smarter and better decisions when it comes to clothing.

That dress, that blouse, those pants – or any other piece you may fall in love with while scrolling down at Springkode – has less than fifty identical siblings, which means you will hardly find it anywhere else, for the sake of no-more “who wore it better” situations. It certainly sounds exclusive enough, don’t you think?

It certainly sounds exclusive enough, don’t you think?

Keep it trendy

Wearing unique and limited-edition designs does not even mean that you will have to sacrifice your need to be wearing the latest.

We stand for exclusiveness and quality before quantity, but we also stand for fashion, as we are working with the same factories that cater the production of the most luxurious fashion powerhouses. Not only are we following new trends, we are, most of the time, ahead of them.

And even though we not always remember, as fast fashion manages to make it somehow forgettable, clothes are never just clothes. Clothes are a way of speaking out, of making statements, and they are absolute experts on saying who you are, or who you want to be. And how can you do it without a unique piece that is also fashionably on point?

Our planet may be running out of resources and individuality, but we are fighting back. As we say at Springkode, just remember: be authentic.

November 26th, 2018Springkode

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