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We received a very special letter that we would like to share with you:

Every day I wake up and think: I am going to be able to write about fashion again.

But in fact, day after day, it seems to me more and more difficult and perhaps less relevant to do it. I always end up changing the subject. And I run away from the place that brought me here. Today I don't want to run away anymore and I want to dive back into this world where until recently I worked and was happy. A world that at this moment seems to me to have been suddenly cancelled.

I know there are some people who can still work in fashion, even in quarantine. There are others who continue to shop online. There are also those who continue to leave home and make choices every day. We use clothes as a second skin that protects us, but we also communicate through what we wear. We may not have that awareness, but what we wear is a form of expression. Many wear a uniform every day. A uniform is another way of communicating with others. Many are marked by the masks they wear over hours and hours of work to protect themselves and others.

Masks and latex gloves are actually this season's accessories. We are living in an unprecedented moment. There is often no stock of these essential accessories. SOLD OUT!

Before we went into quarantine, there was already a big awareness of how we are consuming fashion. At least there was a lot of buzz about sustainable fashion. It even seemed like a cliché term that we were already becoming saturated with, without even having it merged into our lives. We've had enough fast of everything, haven't we? And now, irony of ironies, everything has never been so still, and we are learning to live slowly again. And what good is it for us to be fed up?

Plunged into a global pandemic for an indefinite period, our generation has never experienced anything like it. Some live this moment with anxiety and fear. Others with hope and as an opportunity to grow and to improve themselves and, consequently, the world. Regardless of what we feel, if there is one thing we are all beginning to learn, is that we can, we know and we should live with less. The act of consumption must go into a moment of reflection.

There are those who stay at home and continue to dress as if they were going out. Others who prefer something more comfortable. Some live in pyjamas. No drama. The truth is, regardless of the group to which we belong (oh the feeling of belonging!), during these days we look at our closet and think: why do I need this now? Did I really need to spend all this money? Who am I with these clothes? Who do I want to be?

I believe that all these questions and the situation we are experiencing will change in the way we consume fashion.

Right now, I just want to wear comfortable fabrics. I want to be able to play on the floor with my daughters, to practice yoga, meditate and sit down on the floor to write whenever I want. This will all pass, and we will all go out again. Maybe masks and gloves will become accessories that follow us through some seasons and will continue to be best-sellers. So be it. And may they never be sold out.

The truth is, with or without a mask, with or without gloves, clothes still play a role in our lives. It's obviously not a primary necessity right now. It's not. It never was and it never will. But it can make us feel better. And it's something inherent and indispensable in our lives.

Maybe it's never been more important for us to talk and reflect on the impact of clothing in our lives, rethinking its consumption. Much more than talking about trends. In fact, I feel that the trend of the moment is precisely not to follow trends. Many designers are already boycotting fashion weeks precisely because of the pressure of constantly producing collections, in addition to the inherent environmental and social impact.

To use what we have. To be creative. To recycle. Having LESS will be MORE in our lives. To have less with more conscious fabrics, more production and local consumption, more reuse of materials, more faces behind each piece, more working conditions and respect for all the people involved in the production chain of each piece.

I feel that there is a space for personal and global reinvention through the clothes we wear.

And with this first chronicle I've solved a blockage and I've written again about a subject that I continue to fall in love with and in which I want to continue creating. I hope to return to this space soon, with more reflections to share about the importance of fashion in our lives and how we can make conscious choices.

Marta Caetano Dias

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Thank you for this moment, Marta!

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May 5th, 2020Springkode

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