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Fábrica de Malhas Tiva Lda is a Portuguese family-owned export textile company based in Barcelos, near Porto. Founded in 1973, its hallmarks are quality, professionalism and proficiency. Located in northern Portugal, TIVA’s keen attention to detail has made it one of the leaders in the Portuguese knitwear industry. TIVA has more than 40 years of experience producing knitwear and has been working with both internationally renowned and emerging brands. Since 1973 this factory has been producing top quality products for a range of established contemporary and well-known premium brands. It’s a truly progressive factory that has gone from strength to strength under a robust and hands-on leadership of Paula Gomes, who’s been in the fashion industry for decades and knows it like the back of her hand. With the help of her daughters, Paula makes sure that everything and everyone are focused on the matter at hand: producing high-quality items and maintaining professional standards and exuding expertise every step of the way. It’s a combination of know-how, passion, dedication and love for their craft.

Products from TIVA

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Metallic silver ruffle skirt

36.00  Metallic silver ruffle skirt Metallic silver ruffle mini skirt, with layers of frills and a ruched elastic waist. TIVA's skirt is to dress and impress. Made from italian woven leftovers with a foil finishing, this is the perfect sustainable piece to dazzle. This product was done to the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. https://www.springkode.com/product/metallic-silver-ruffle-skirt/

Navy long sleeve with knot

37.00  Navy long sleeve with knot Striped print top with a front knot. Featuring long sleeve and slim fit. https://www.springkode.com/product/navy-long-sleeve-with-knot/

Asymmetric neckline top

37.00  Asymmetric neckline top Black top with asymmetric neckline, featuring short sleeves. Bring a modern cut to your outfits. https://www.springkode.com/product/asymmetric-neckline-top/

Blue blouse with back knot

54.00  Blue blouse with back knot Blue loose top with back decorative bold knot. Featuring 3/4 sleeves with straps. https://www.springkode.com/product/blue-blouse-with-back-knot/

Organza frills sparkly T-shirt

33.00  Organza frills sparkly T-shirt Exquisite rib top with ruffles, with round neckline and short sleeves. Both sleeves and hem finished with delicate organza frills. With a casual chic vibe, this piece is great for day or night, as it has a gentle sparkle and striped texture. Ethically produced and gently crafted, TIVA wanted to help this unused quality fabric to find a new wardrobe. Like almost all products from TIVA factory, this piece meets the most demanding sustainability guidelines of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. https://www.springkode.com/product/organza-frills-sparkly-t-shirt/

Corded short sleeve t-shirt

36.00  Corded short sleeve t-shirt High-neck t-shirt featuring short sleeves and adjustable cord details at the hem. Regular and comfortable fit. This 100% premium cotton t-shirt is versatil and modern. The black line details enhances a eye-catching look. Ethically produced, the fabric used for this piece never got through a sample and was forgotten until we came along. Who made it? Isaura, a seamstress that has worked at TIVA for over 30 years. https://www.springkode.com/product/corded-short-sleeve-t-shirt/

Patchwork tee

29.00  Patchwork tee Short-sleeved patched cotton t-shirt, different coloured sleeves and a striped round collar. A refreshing vintage aesthetic that adds a playful touch to the outfit. https://www.springkode.com/product/patchwork-tee/

Linen v-neck t-shirt with laced open back

39.00  Linen v-neck t-shirt with laced open back V-neck white t-shirt featured an opened laced back. Combined embroidery lace zig zag details. Short sleeves and a regular fit. TIVA's 100% reused linen t-shirt has a very casual look. At the front, it may look like just a very comfy white T-shirt, but then, at the back, there's an opened zig zag lace that morphs the piece to a trendy look. Amazing fact: the used lace has over 30 years! Talk about recycle and sustainability. The dress was sown by Isaura, a seamstress that has been at TIVA for a little less than the lace. https://www.springkode.com/product/linen-v-neck-t-shirt-with-laced-open-back/

Black side draped sweater

56.00  Black side draped sweater The cosy fabric on this sweater invites you to stay inside. The detail with ribbons adds a playful touch and the large sleeves gives just right coverage to a flattering sweater cut in a relaxed silhouette. https://www.springkode.com/product/black-side-draped-sweater/

Ruffle short sleeve blue t-shirt

29.00  Ruffle short sleeve blue t-shirt Vibrant blue top featured a rounded neckline. Ruffled detailed organza short sleeves.  Cosy and regular fit. This top combines unused premium jersey and organza in the same piece for a distinctive look. If you want to fill up the room,  this is the top you'll want to wear. Sustainable and fashionable, what else? This piece was made by a seamstress with more than 27 years of experience. https://www.springkode.com/product/ruffle-short-sleeve-blue-t-shirt/

Striped short sleeve T-shirt

28.00  Striped short sleeve T-shirt Black and white striped t-shirt featured a round neck and short sleeves. Mix of thick and thin stripes. Slightly oversized offering a comfortable fit. The patchwork of different stripes provides a trendy and sophisticated look. It offers lightness and freshness during warm days or a sunset at the beach. Sustainable and comfy, this t-shirt was made from unused jersey fabric. https://www.springkode.com/product/striped-short-sleeve-t-shirt/

Grey Be Happy T-Shirt

27.00  Grey Be Happy T-Shirt Boxy t-shirt with a round neckline and a front minimalistic embroidery detail for a luxe leisure vibe. https://www.springkode.com/product/grey-be-happy-t-shirt/