TMR is a Portuguese textile manufacturer located in Guimarães, the birthplace of Portugal. Founded by Margarida Máximo in 1998, their brand is a result of the perseverance, tenacity and hard work of a determined woman and her close family, and the company are now thriving in the high-end fashion industry.


Way more than a factory

TMR was founded in 1998 by CEO & founder Margarida Máximo as a textile company specializing in the production of clothing. Born in the north of Portugal, one of the textile hotbeds of the world, Margarida has been involved in this industry since her early teens. TMR exports 100% of its business and produces for a small list of brands, choosing to be particular, focused and selective rather than broad and generalized.

Since the top priorities in her business relations are transparency and honesty, Margarida Máximo likes to stress the important role that trust plays in the relationships between her factory and the clients. TMR’s experienced team is always on the lookout for new types of fabrics and products, keeping itself fresh with its research and market understanding of the fashion industry.

It’s not about just making a product; it’s also about how it’s made, and the care taken during the various manufacturing processes that makes a product stand out and rise above the ordinary.

Products from TMR

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PT 03 K14

Long Pink Jacket

129.00  Long Pink Jacket Long pink jacket. Straight model, open V-neck, long sleeves with dropped shoulders and a front contrasting button fastener. Featuring two front pockets.