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Did you know the Fashion Industry is the second largest polluter in the world? With consumers demanding transparency now more than ever, changing it is a mission every brand should embrace. Here at Springkode, we make sure this mission is well succeeded. One garment at a time.

You know it well by now: Springkode is a revolutionary fashion hub that lets you buy from a curated network of premium textile manufacturers who produce the latest trends for the top brands in the world. We would like to go beyond this and say we are striving to take a sustainable approach to the fashion industry too.

Fast fashion and mass manufacturing of clothing is resulting in pollution, waste and endless environmental negative effects, and we feel the need to make a difference in the world – and that goes far beyond styling rules, of course.

But how can we make a difference in an industry that has been historically associated with environmental damage and harmful manufacturing processes? Not only do we fight unsustainable processes and clothing by selling limited quantities of each piece (keeping it exclusive enough) by giving fabrics a second chance, we make sure the manufacturers we work with are also committed to embrace sustainability.

Our manufacturer partners are special for many reasons and of course we value that their teams are the same teams that supply our favourite international premium brands while selling their own creations at Springkode. More than that, they promote zero waste by using leftover fabrics that otherwise would be thrown away, produce only limited series to avoid waste and ship directly to reduce carbon footprint.

Just ask yourself: why would you want to wear clothes that are destroying the planet you live in? That piece of clothing can be elegant and cool, of course, but if that exact piece of clothing is menacing the future of your “home”, why would you keep it in your closet?

As we once told you, the future doesn’t exist yet, we have to build it. Will you join us?

Take a look at our latest occasion wear or summer mood collections, and join this sustainable fashion commitment!

July 19th, 2019Springkode

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