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If we communicate through clothes, why are we still wearing fast-fashion while eating organic? Change also happens inside your closet and weather you still don’t know how or you just want to learn new ways of doing it, documentaries are always a good way of educating yourself. So, this time, we decided to list our top 5 favorite ethical fashion films that helped change the paradigm for so many of us. We hope to change yours as well.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (2016)

“You are not going to get happier by consuming more”, says entrepreneur Jesse Jacobs. Following the lives of a group of people, from this entrepreneur to an artist, a scientist and even a former Wall Street broker, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus explore the issues of overconsumption and how we can all be much happier by living with less. Encouraging everyone to set boundaries, the message is not to live with nothing, but to help us prioritize what we need and not what we want because everyone else wants it.

The True Cost (2015)

Materialism has a high price and our obsession with new clothing is definitely impacting someone, somewhere in the world. This documentary will help you reevaluate what matters the most, by teaching you the true cost of those “oh-so-cheap” jeans you brought last week in some fast-fashion giant retailer. True Cost speaks about the impact of clothes not only in the environment but also in people and how it affects many communities worldwide, from China to Bangladesh.

River Blue (2016)

“We are committing Hydrocide, we are murdering our rivers”. This is just one of the many quotes said during River Blue that will help you rethink some of your consumerism habits. This documentary points his finger to the fashion industry and condemns our careless use of toxic chemicals and poisonous materials that end up on our waters and rivers worldwide. Besides examining the destruction of rivers, River Blue speaks about its negative effects on communities and humanity, but also gives us hope by presenting solutions for a more sustainable future.

Prada Re-Nylon: What We Carry (2019)

Prada’s debut collection of recycled nylon pieces made from Econyl was huge enough but didn’t arrive alone. Part of its commitment to sustainability, the luxury brand partnered with National Geographic and launched the Prada Re-Nylon: What We Carry short film web series. A pioneering project divided into 4 parts, each What We Carry episode features reporters and global activists documenting the process and backstory behind Prada’s sustainability program. The first three episodes are already live on Youtube.

Traceable (2015)

Following designer Laura Siegel’s journey across India to produce her collection, Traceable asks the hard questions we all should be asking when we step into a new store: where, how and by whom were these clothes made and in what conditions? Focused on the impact clothes have on underprivileged factory workers and their communities, Traceable explores the importance of transparency in Fashion and encourages all viewers to stop ignoring what is happening in factories across the globe and find out more about each brand and their working policies before buying another piece of clothing. Because there are stories we can’t ignore, right?

November 5th, 2019Springkode

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