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Lace Details Sleeveless Dress - Black

49.00  Lace Details Sleeveless Dress - Black This 100% cotton black lace details sleeveless dress is a classic piece to add to your wardrobe. Featuring lace details on the neckline and on both sides of the dress. https://www.springkode.com/product/lace-details-sleeveless-dress-black/

Black Velvet Tracksuit

119.00  Black Velvet Tracksuit Black cargo jumpsuit in velvet fabric. Featuring embroidered details on the sides and an elastic band to easily adjust the waist fit. Regular fit and 3/4 sleeves. This is a versatile jumpsuit, perfect for casual looks and also wear it with heels for formal outfits. https://www.springkode.com/product/black-velvet-tracksuit/

Black ruffle dress

74.00  Black ruffle dress Dress featuring ruffled sleeves and a V-neck, that conveys a casual style and a girly vibe, adding extra femininity. https://www.springkode.com/product/black-ruffle-dress/

Short Sleeve Peplum Blouse - Stripes

54.00  Short Sleeve Peplum Blouse - Stripes Stripped short sleeve blouse featuring a boat neck and embroidery detailed sleeves. Perfect with black pants! https://www.springkode.com/product/short-sleeve-peplum-blouse-stripes/

Puff Sleeves Dress - White

59.00  Puff Sleeves Dress - White The puff sleeves V-neck dress is an elegant dress with lace details on the neckline, great for any type of event. You can wear it as a dress or with jeans. https://www.springkode.com/product/puff-sleeves-dress-white/

Circle dress

64.00  Circle dress Some clothes are all about movement and this dress falls into this category. Sleeveless dress with an elegant V-shaped neck. Midi, slightly flared dress that expresses elegance, delicate sensuality and freshness. https://www.springkode.com/product/circle-dress/

Long Floral Dress

59.00  Long Floral Dress Long floral panelled dress featuring a round neck, a back fastening, panelled 3/4 sleeves and a long length. https://www.springkode.com/product/long-floral-dress/

Blue v-neck jumpsuit

52.00  Blue v-neck jumpsuit Short sleeved jumpsuit, with an accentuated V-Neck and fluid wide leg pants. Fit waist and zip on the back. Jumpsuits are the best of both worlds as you get the top and the pants in one piece! This one is fluid and chic, perfect for a dinner out or a party. Sixexport ethically produced this trendy blue jumpsuit with reused 100% viscose fabric. https://www.springkode.com/product/blue-v-neck-jumpsuit/

One-shoulder fluid dress

65.00  One-shoulder fluid dress Elegant one-shoulder fluid cocktail dress. Midi length, just above the knee. This is drop dead gorgeous one-shoulder dress has a wonderful silky touch and was inspired by the dress Carrie Bradshaw wore on her Dubai trip, in Sex in the city 2. This piece was made from a sustainable production and 100% unused leftover rayon fabric that remained from a large production and would have gone to waste. https://www.springkode.com/product/one-shoulder-fluid-dress/

Long pleated Dress

53.00  Long pleated Dress Maxi dress featuring a mix of fabrics and colours, pleated detail skirt, round neck and an asymmetric hem. Easy to throw on, chic and super comfortable. https://www.springkode.com/product/long-pleated-dress/

Frilled blue occasion dress

58.00  Frilled blue occasion dress Short silky frilled dress with long sleeves. Frilled hem sleeves and frills on the skirt.  Has a slit at the chest, when fastened at the neck. Rugged detailing. Can also be used as a blouse. This dress has a wow-factor to it. Slightly shiny and silky, this piece conveys a very sophisticated look. Ethically made by using unused excess fabrics, such as silk. Great option to wear at occasions. https://www.springkode.com/product/frilled-blue-occasion-dress/

Combined black and white dress

71.00  Combined black and white dress Sleeveless midi black dress with a white top,  a round neckline and opened fluid back. Hidden elastic waist band and fluid top over the waist line. Side pit openings. TIVA created this elegant dress, by combining unused luxury roma stitch fabric for the body and white woven for the top. This dress is super versatile and can go from a more formal event to a get-together with friends. https://www.springkode.com/product/combined-black-and-white-dress/