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The project Quinta das Aguias began in 2004, when Ivone and Joep acquired an abandoned farm in Paredes de Coura, starting their search for a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with Nature.

It quickly became clear that all the resources were based in the same space so that it was possible to build the way of life they wanted, transforming the farm into an animal sanctuary that promotes respect and balance allied to the delicious delicacies prepared by Chef Joep.

There, we can enjoy an unprecedented serenity and peace, surrounded by the exceptional life stories of the residents, whether they are human or non-human. With the help of the community, they have made it possible to give a second chance to animals that are victims of mistreatment and abandonment, being able to inspire those who pass by with the strong example of dedication and altruism that they show daily.

Besides the accommodation and the contact with the animals, the farm also offers a wide diversity of plants for medicinal and culinary purposes, carefully maintained by their guardians.

Daily life is thought in order to save and make the most of the available resources in a circular way, such as nature, which successively transforms matter into an endless process.

Ivone and Joep also promote meditation and yoga retreats. They believe that one of the pillars of sustainability is strongly linked to the exercise of mindfulness stimulating personal development, achieved by many through these practices.

We join Quinta das Aguias with the will to share and nurture respect for nature and to spread a pro-environmental lifestyle, which is transversal to everything we do, buy and eat. If the change of habits is beneficial to everyone, why not?

January 16th, 2020Springkode

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