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For most of us, Instagram has become the ultimate Fashion Bible. Like magazines once did, IG gives us daily inspiration on what to wear but, most importantly, it shapes our lifestyle and behavior. Its newest lesson? Teaching us about sustainable fashion, one IG profile at a time. No doubt Social Media can be a confusing hole where you dig and dig again and find nothing. But not when it comes to the following influencers listed below. They’re experts in mixing pieces they already have with ethical purchases. And that’s the “follow” that really matters.


Joana has been on a mission for a while. She describes her IG profile as “a style record from a failed minimalist”, but she is not failing at all. Not when it comes to be more conscious about her buying habits, which have become more thoughtful. She is not totally oblivious to trends and fast-fashion brands are not an absolute no to her, but she strongly believes in the concept of “buying less but better” and has been practicing it on her own rush. Her main goal? To achieve a capsule closet, build with basics and timeless pieces. By balancing mindful purchases with vintage finds and even pieces from her boyfriend’s wardrobe, it seems to us that Joana has found her own path. Take a look at her “Investing”, “Capsule closet” and “Vintage tips” IG highlights.

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I’m not sleeping, the sun was in my eyes ?

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Jess’s bio doesn’t lie: “sharing my style while building a (mostly) secondhand and sustainable wardrobe”. She started this journey at the beginning of 2018 and she stood to it by sharing her experience not only on Instagram but also on her website slash blog “I’m all about getting the most out of the pieces you own and sometimes that just means rethinking how you wear your old favorites”, she wrote once while wearing an “old” cardigan as a top. Besides finding new ways of wearing what she already owns, she is also an expert in mixing vintage finds with pieces from the latest ethical brands.


Maria has always been an experimentalist. She loves to find new ways of expressing herself and Fashion as always been a great part of it. Besides being a long-time vintage expert who has always shared the importance of giving clothes a new life, she is linked to ethical fashion platforms and communities, such as Fashion Revolution, and has been one of the most vocal Portuguese influencers when it comes to speak the language of sustainable Fashion. As wrote on her Instagram: “When we look at clothes, it is not only the material of which it is made from that makes it eco-friendly, there is a bunch of factors we should consider and questions we must ask: how was this piece made? In which country? In which factory? Using which techniques? Using which chemicals? What fibers where used? (…). When we buy a piece of clothing, we are not only buying another piece of clothing, we are trusting a brand. So, don’t forget to make thoughtful decisions”. Liked!


Leah is a 27-year-old Australian girl who experienced a “fashion epiphany” while joining a volunteering program in Brazil. Since then, she has been committed to sharing her journey on becoming more sustainable. On her blog you can find useful guides such as “A beginners resource guide to sustainable + ethical fashion” or honest answers to questions we all been have making such as “Is it possible to be an ethical influencer?”.


Blogging for the past 10 years, Kat is a pioneer when it comes to speak about ethical fashion without it sounding like an obligation. “Live your best sustainable life” is her mantra and she founded Conscious N Chic to encourage others to do so, on their own rhythm and pace. “I promote progress not perfection; I showcase what it looks like in real life with baby steps; I only partner with brands I like; I advocate for people who can’t speak for themselves online and behind the scenes; I support charitable and ‘trade not aid’ efforts”, she wrote in a recent IG post. Do we even need to say more to convince you to click the “follow” button?


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly role model made in Germany, here she is. Literally. From model (fun fact: Maria reached third place in the tv show Germany’s Next Top Model 10 years ago) to fair-fashion writer, Nasemann founded her blog in 2016, a platform where she writes about sustainable fashion, organic beauty & conscious lifestyle – and, of course, encourages her readers to follow along. Maria does not live exclusively from green productions, as she balances sustainable brands with others she feels that are open to change, but clothes made out of plastic trash, fair silk and organic wool are definitely a must for her.


Her name says it all. Niece of Mario Testino himself, we all knew Marina was born to be great, but luckily, she didn’t stick to the model-designer-influencer recipe and she is using her influence far beyond: as a fashion activist. After her #OneDressToImpress project, in which she wore the same red suit every day for two months to bring awareness to fashion consumerism and its negative impact on environment, she then started with #CarryOnSummer, in which she traveled through Europe with only one carry-one. More recently, she went full yellow with her #YellowLikeALemon campaign, where she decided to only wear second-hand clothing and beauty products in tones of yellow during Paris Fashion Week. Who said it was bad to be an outfit repeater? In 2019, no one, we hope!

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