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Frilled blue occasion dress


50% Silk 50% Poliester

76% off 243€ retail price

Frilled blue occasion dress Short silky frilled dress with long sleeves. Frilled hem sleeves and frills on the skirt.  Has a slit at the chest, when fastened at the neck. Rugged detailing. Can also be used as a blouse.This dress has a wow-factor to it. Slightly shiny and silky, this piece conveys a very sophisticated look. Ethically made by using unused excess fabrics, such as silk. Great option to wear at occasions.

Lace frill sleeveless crop top


100% Cotton

75% off 176€ retail price

Lace frill sleeveless crop top Embroidery sleeveless crop top. Delicate frill details at the shoulders and a vertical button line at the back. Round neckline and a ruffled hem.So delicate and girly, this top makes us relive childhood memories when using little white frilled blouses. Made of 100% reused premium cotton, this piece is perfect for a summer hot day, providing cuteness and freshness at the same time! Oh, and it's sustainable as well.

One-shoulder fluid dress


100% Viscose Rayon

76% off 273€ retail price

One-shoulder fluid dress Elegant one-shoulder fluid cocktail dress. Midi length, just above the knee. This is drop dead gorgeous one-shoulder dress has a wonderful silky touch and was inspired by the dress Carrie Bradshaw wore on her Dubai trip, in Sex in the city 2.This piece was made from a sustainable production and 100% unused leftover rayon fabric that remained from a large production and would have gone to waist.

Striped Gaia Dress


75% off 336€ retail price

Striped Gaia Dress Gaia dress featuring a heart shaped neckline and short off-shoulder sleeves. Drawstring fastening over the shoulders for support. Details in front pockets and invisible button fastening at the front. Midi length and straight hem.Perfect striped mood for summer and a casual-chic look! Comfy and light, this dress will provide freshness and coolness throughout the day. Just bellow the knee, this is the perfect mid season look. Made from unused excess luxury fabric.

Striped short sleeve T-shirt


50% Cotton 35% Viscose 15% Linen 48% Viscose 31% Cotton 21% Linen

75% off 112€ retail price

Striped short sleeve T-shirt Black and white striped t-shirt featured a round neck and short sleeves. Mix of thick and thin stripes. Slightly oversized offering a comfortable fit.The patchwork of different stripes provides a trendy and sophisticated look. It offers lightness and freshness during warm days or a sunset at the beach. Sustainable and comfy, this t-shirt was made from unused jersey fabric.

Ruffle short sleeve blue t-shirt


92% Cotton 8% Elastane 53% Polyester 47%NY

76% off 126€ retail price

Ruffle short sleeve blue t-shirt Vibrant blue top featured a rounded neckline. Ruffled detailed organza short sleeves.  Cosy and regular fit.This top combines unused premium jersey and organza in the same piece for a distinctive look. If you want to fill up the room,  this is the top you'll want to wear. Sustainable and fashionable, what else?This piece was made by a seamstress with more than 27 years of experience.

Ruffle detail black blouse


50% Poliester 50% Rayon

77% off 128€ retail price

Ruffle detail black blouse Black blouse featuring a round neck, a sleeveless design and frilled hem. Ruffle adornment at the top.  Invisible back zip.Elegant and chic, this carefully crafted ruffled blouse is ideal to create a fashion statement to your outfit. It's versatility is great, as it can be worn at workdays or in occasion outfits.  Ethically produced, this blouse is made from reused fabrics that were rejected at a sample sale.

Frill detail midi dress


75% off 376€ retail price

Frill detail midi dress Midi length silky dress featuring a high round neckline and short ruffled sleeves. Vertical frill detailing at the front from chest to hem. Thin opening for left side under the shoulder closed with buttons. Tied waist with drawstrings fastening. Assymetric hem and silhouette fitted.This dress is everything a woman needs to feel amazing. Wearing this on a bad day will certainly help lift up the mood! Designed and ethically produced by the Portuguese factory LaGofra, this dress is made from unused excess fabric for premium brands.

Organza frills sparkly T-shirt


93% Viscose (Rayon) 5% Polyamide 2% Elastane 53% Polyester 47%NY

75% off 132€ retail price

Organza frills sparkly T-shirt Exquisite rib top with ruffles, with round neckline and short sleeves. Both sleeves and hem finished with delicate organza frills. With a casual chic vibe, this piece is great for day or night, as it has a gentle sparkle and striped texture.Ethically produced and gently crafted, TIVA wanted to help this unused quality fabric to find a new wardrobe. Like almost all products from TIVA factory, this piece meets the most demanding sustainability guidelines of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.

Plaid dress with open back


100% Cotton

75% off 128€ retail price

Plaid dress with open back Comfy blue plaid dress with round neck and 3/4 sleeves. Opened back with drawstring tightening. Fringed orange detailing and frills at the end of the sleeves. Comfortable wide fit.Ideal to wear on a summery day, this 100% reused cotton dress, will give you the lightness and freshness needed. Combines two great attributes: it's trendy and sustainable!

Blue v-neck jumpsuit


100% Viscose

76% off 218€ retail price

Blue v-neck jumpsuit Short sleeved jumpsuit, with an accentuated V-Neck and fluid wide leg pants. Fit waist and zip on the back.Jumpsuits are the best of both worlds as you get the top and the pants in one piece! This one is fluid and chic, perfect for a dinner out or a party. Sixexport ethically produced this trendy blue jumpsuit with reused 100% viscose fabric.

Linen v-neck t-shirt with laced open back


100% Linen

75% off 156€ retail price

Linen v-neck t-shirt with laced open back V-neck white t-shirt featured an opened laced back. Combined embroidery lace zig zag details. Short sleeves and a regular fit.TIVA's 100% reused linen t-shirt has a very casual look. At the front, it may look like just a very comfy white T-shirt, but then, at the back, there's an opened zig zag lace that morphs the piece to a trendy look.Amazing fact: the used lace has over 30 years! Talk about recycle and sustainability. The dress was sown by Isaura, a seamstress that has been at TIVA for a little less than the lace.