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The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! December means Christmas dinners and parties almost every day and if you’re stressing over what to wear, fear nothing: Springkode has a new Holiday Party Collection full of alternatives from velvet dresses to tracksuits (yes, you’ve read it right). Dressing festive can be a challenge sometimes, but with these options you’ll get to shine at all kind of occasions – even on your daily life – without feeling you’re wasting money on a one-day type of garment. Our secret? Quality and versatility, always.

Tweed skirt

A lady like skirt produced by Irmãos Rodrigues factory featuring gold buttons and fringe details. Super classic yet versatile, you can wear it in polished looks with loafers and a blouse, or you can give it a twist and mix it with combat boots, a pair of shiny socks and a cosy knit jumper. No matter your choice you’ll always look party ready. Big plus: this piece comes with a SA 8000 stamp, a social certification standard for factories and organizations that measures social performance in different segments from child labour to working hours and remuneration.

Velvet dress

Exclusively designed by Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara, this velvet dress with embroidered details on the collar is the perfect alternative for those who can’t say no to comfort while wearing a dress thanks to its super soft fabric that feels nice on the skin. Chic yet practical, this dress goes with everything from heeled boots to sneakers. And there’s more: you can also wear it as a skirt with a jumper on top.

Polka dot dress

Remember when we thought polka dot dresses where too much? Never mind. Some call it the not-so-distant cousin of floral dresses and they’ve reached cult status in recent year thanks to our favourite it-girls from Paris. A polka dot dress requires little-to-no styling and that is why the French je ne sais quoi masters love it so much: you look sophisticated in 2 minutes without trying too hard. Wear this one from Sixexport with 70s inspired knee length heeled boots et voilà you’re ready to go.

Blue blouse with back knot

This poplin loose top with a bold knot on the back is a must. The bigger the better “trend” is here to stay, as oversize and voluminous pieces have the advantage of making us feel chic and elegant yet comfy and safe at the same time. We just can’t get rid of this feeling of liberation, right? This blouse was produced by TIVA and comes in the perfect shade of blue to add some colour to your outfits.

Draped foil top

A little bit of sparkle never killed nobody and the Holiday season definitely asks for it. Metallic hues have taken over our wardrobes and this silver top with draped sleeves and details is perfect for those occasions when you need an extra bling bling – from that typical office Christmas party to New Year’s Eve! You just need to style with different bottoms (from A-line skirts to wide leg trousers, the sky is the limit) and play with accessories.

Belted midi dress

Just like sequins, metallic pieces and gold accessories, wearing something velvet is almost mandatory during Holiday season. The “touch me” texture feels classy, luxurious and immediately elevates your look. This dress is one of those pieces and it has a removable belt that you can switch so that next year you can be a proudly outfit repeater.

Black velvet tracksuit

Who said you can’t wear a tracksuit at a party? We say you can and you will. This one in black velvet fabric features embroidered details on the sides and has an elastic band to accentuate the waist, adding a feminine touch to it. A cool alternative to traditional eveningwear that you can slip into with minimal effort.

December 12th, 2019Springkode

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