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Having started our business in September 2018, we really could not have asked more from 2019. It was an amazing year for us!!

During 2019 we have remained true to our purpose, our vision and our mission

We strive for change and to defy the status quo. We believe in a better future with a new world order for fashion. We envision a future where consumers and manufacturers are directly connected through a traceable, transparent, circular and sustainable relationship. Our mission is to disrupt the value and supply chain, empowering world class manufacturers to reach the end consumer. To help them deliver high quality and sustainable garments to the end-consumers.

We proved garment manufacturers were willing and capable of working a direct to consumer business model

The beginning of 2019 was marked by the successful conclusion of our first pilot, in close cooperation with our three founding manufacturing partners: TIVA, TMR and LAGOFRA. Together we proved that we could deliver high quality and exclusive fashion, produced with upcycled fabrics, for more affordable prices than one would find for equivalent quality on the high street shelves. We went from a founding community of 3 manufacturers in March, to 14 in December.

We built an engaged customer community and seen plenty of interest on what we’re doing

We have organically grown a like-minded community of almost twenty thousand people across all ages and nationalities. We took the opportunity to share our purpose, our vision and our mission with many more through the articles on FORBES online, MODAES and also Portuguese media, featuring in the highest rating TV news show and dozens of other publications. We also have connected with clients from 11 different countries, from the likes of UK and USA, to Latvia and Greece.

We partnered up with ATP – Portugal’s Textile and Garment Association

To have the right partners from the very beginning is critical to any venture. Springkode found in ATP the perfect partner for guidance and mentoring. The protocol signed early in 2019 was the perfect kick-off for what turned out to be an amazing journey together, growing steadily and sustainably our community of curated world class garment manufacturers. We’ve also been honored with the invitation to present Springkode at the International Textile Manufacturers Federation Annual Conference, from where we took great contacts to pursue our internationalization plan.

We got 4 out of 5 from Good On You, the world-leading source for fashion brand ratings

Good On You is one of the reasons why we believe that a better future is possible and that change is taking place in the fashion industry. We were thrilled to see Springkode rank 4 out of 5 and were encouraged to keep on doing our work, hustling our way through the many challenges that stood in our way.

We underwent FARFETCH’s and MAZE X’s acceleration programs

Both acceleration programs turned out to be amazing opportunities to refine our strategy and adjust our course. From FARFETCH’s massive expertise in e-commerce and marketplace, to MAZE X’s amazing passion and commitment to sustainability and positive impact businesses, 2019 was definitely fast paced and full of extremely valuable insights. We are now more focused and with a sharper mindset regarding why, how and what we are doing as well as our goals and ways to achieve them.

We launched our first collaboration with a world renowned fashion designer

Katty Xiomara is a New York, Milan and Paris fashion week designer with whom we have had the opportunity to share our vision with. The connection was immediate. Katty shares the same values as we do and quickly chose one of our partners – Bless International – and developed an amazing capsule collection made of upcycled products that is now selling at Springkode.

We will rock 2020 in a fashionable way

Together with our investors and our manufacturing partners we are absolutely confident of a great 2020. With the new additions to our team and a new office space, the stakes are high but so is our determination to rock the fashion industry for good (in a fashionable way!). We are counting on your support and your feedback. You can count on us to work hard to meet your expectations! Keep in touch and tuned in for what is to come!

Reinaldo Costa Moreira
Co-founder & CEO
January 3rd, 2020Springkode

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