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Either you love it or hate it, we saw it again at the ultimate Spring Summer 2019 stage: the catwalks. From the Rodarte leather fairytale aesthetic to the Marc Jacobs sorbet colors in gigantic proportions, the urban ranch vibe at Coach, the wild patterns game at Michael Kors, the Oscar de La Renta red carpet material dresses and the Carolina Herrera Spanish and country feelings, we saw it once more – another ruffles comeback, the fashion industry announces season after season – but always with something new, something fresh to it.

Because that is key in the ruffle’s game: they will come and go (do they ever truly leave?) and then they must arise again with a surprise on their pockets, as if it was impossible, almost unbearable, for us to stop reinventing them.

For Spring 2019, this versatility means numerous things: from “the bigger, the better” mood to the soft, refined, delicate and lady like approach. And it not only applies to clothing, by adorning off-the-shoulder necklines, sleeves, dresses and pants, but also accessories and shoes – as seen in Giorgio Armani and Max Mara.

Gone with its tasteless and old-fashioned versions, ruffles are a new form of urban romanticism that can be worn in endless occasions, a modern approach to being elegant and gracious, but also blasé, unconcerned, adventurous, young and free.

Cristóbal Balenciaga, the creative genius that founded Balenciaga and believed “the dress follows the woman’s body; it is not the woman who follows the dress”, said once: “There are different kinds of ruffles. Some ruffles must be very, very elegant and light, you know. You must make it become an intelligent ruffle”. Mission accomplished.

We do not have a futurology department at Springkode, but we can assure you: if there is a future, there are certainly ruffles ahead.

Now, check out our gorgeous black our yellow ruffle dresses.

April 4th, 2019Springkode

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