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Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is a work in progress – but the most important step is to start. 2020 has just began and with everything happening across the globe it’s no surprise climate action activism is taking the centre stage. And although the most important changes should come from political action and across industries and sectors worldwide, individual action can also make a huge difference. After all, if one simple change can influence others, imagine if we all do it! That said, here are 5 easy steps you can take to reduce your ecological footprint and go towards a more sustainable lifestyle in 2020.

Educate yourself

We all heard about the climate crisis, but do we really know what does it mean? Take your time, research, educate yourself and learn more about all the non-profit organizations working on climate change. Being well-informed is also a way of taking action. Next thing you know you’ll be signing petitions, giving donations and joining protests.

Go vegan

January means new beginnings, right? Which makes it the perfect opportunity to change your eating habits and ditch meat and everything dairy. The industry of animal agriculture has an enormous impact on climate change (it sounds unbelievable but livestock produces as much greenhouse gases as cars, planes and trains) and going plant-based is one of the most powerful changes you can make to help the environment. You can start by trying for one month and if you find it to hard you can always adjust your diet. Balance is key! Take a look at this beginner’s guide and give it a try.

Say no to plastic

Still using single-use plastic bags? Shame on you. The careless overconsumption of single-use plastic bags not only causes environmental pollution but it also affects our health. After taking more than 1000 years to break down, plastic bags turn into smaller particles that continue to pollute the soil and water, and they represent great danger to birds and marine life that often mistake them for food – thousands of animals die after swallowing or chocking with microplastics. So, what’s stopping you from using reusable shopping bags? They are easy to carry (they can be folded and effortlessly fit your pocket) and come in a variety of sizes and styles (we love the ones with sustainable sayings). We know a visit to the supermarket for grocery shopping can sound challenging for first timers, but it’s not impossible to buy loose fruit and vegetables – who said you need to separate the bananas from the tomatoes and have a plastic bag for each? We bet they prefer to share the space inside your cool reusable bag. Next step? Say no to plastic bottles.

Skip the car

We all know that cars consume a lot of energy and that its use and production have a huge impact on the environment (from plastic to steel, rubber and paint, one car’s footprint is massive), but we continue to contribute to the fact that around 90% of a car’s environmental impact is due to fuel consumption and emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases, when we could just walk or ride a bike. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you should stop using your car, but once again balance is key and instead of making your car the number one option, why not look for other sustainable alternatives from time to time? Repeat after us: this year, I’ll drive less and carpool more. The same goes with biking and using public transportation.

Buy less, but better

New year, new motto: Buy less, choose well and make it last. Words are from British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood but can be yours as well. How? Ditch the fast-fashion, replace the “want” for “need”, educate yourself about brands and opt for those who have fair policies not only for their employees but also for the environment. Ah, and of course: support revolutionary and independent fashion platforms like Springkode, who connects you directly to a network of premium factories that produce quality and eco-friendly limited-edition pieces with reasonable and transparent prices.

Have we got a deal? See you next year!

Image Credits: iStock

January 7th, 2020Springkode

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