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Unbalanced Harmony

Fashion is one walk of life that is ever-evolving and the stream of creativity seems unstoppable. We all know symmetry is beautiful, pretty, classic, and all that. However the sartorial world isn’t always supposed to be about what’s cute, lovely, “traditionally pretty”. One of the hottest trends for 2018 is asymmetry which has been enthusiastically picked up by the highstreet. It’s the most original trend seen on the spring|summer 2018 runways, such as Carolina Herrera, Isabel Marant, Tibi, Carven or Phillip Lim.

Asymmetry does the talking and the edginess attracts you within without even knowing what it is. The entire geometry and asymmetry involved in fashion design pieces experiment complete freedom, and break away from the strict and traditional lines of symmetry, that creep like monotony into our lives.

A trend that says summertime as well as partytime, a trend that adds a little of drama to your outfit. Stylish, stress-free, bold yet sophisticated, and thus a silhouette you’re going to want to incorporate into your wardrobe. Feel free, classy, unique. Be authentic.

Exclusivity is the real luxe. We are curators regarding the selection of the textile factories that produce the latest trends for the top brands in the world. Small runs of high-quality fashion products straight from the factory to your home. Accessibility and exclusivity are engaged in one revolutionary fashion apparel platform, Springkode.

Asymmetric products in Springkode

November 21st, 2018Springkode

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