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Springkode is a revolutionary fashion platform. Not only because we connect you to a premium variety of what is made in the finest Portuguese luxury factories, but also because we believe in clothes that are consciously made. How? Let’s talk about GOTS.

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

Never heard of it? The initials stand for the Global Organic Textile Standard, the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. Long story short, it stands for being more sustainable and it was created, in 2006, to shake things up in the textile industry and challenge fashion on being more eco, socially and environmentally conscious. And, of course, we are a part of it.

We strongly believe in better choices and that is why we choose to linkup with factories that are as committed to sustainability as we are. GOTS-certified products require at least seventy percent of their fibres being organic and that in all stages of the supply chain high-social standards are observed, from harvesting to the final product.

With GOTS guidance, these manufacturers rely on socially responsible organic sources, fair production techniques and wastewater management policies, as well as low impact dyes that are chemical-free and safe for consumers. And, most outstandingly, safe for everybody evolved, with the GOTS certification acting as a guarantee that all clothes are made in fair, nondiscriminatory and hygienic work conditions. That said, no dress, coat or blouse is being stitched by fragile hands, from children to vulnerable communities from across the globe. And, because details matter, even buttons, threads and zips have to meet GOTS beliefs and rules.


It is more than safe to say: GOTS environmental and social impact is tremendous on textile industry. Not only because organic practices are a healthier alternative to conventional agriculture and have a massive impact on water waste, but also because we are reassured that our unique and top-quality womenswear collections are sustainably manufactured. For workers, producers, consumers and everyone who wants to be a part of the fashion world. Because it’s not only the final product that matters to us, but the all process of creating it.

Last year, GOTS itself  applauded Portugal as one of the countries with the largest increase in GOTS certifications. The position suits us so well that, this year, we are definitely not leaving the ranking. And Springkode is proudly making a difference!

April 1st, 2020Springkode

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