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There are roughly 49 million garment workers in the world today and 80% are women. Many of them do not share the same rights or conditions that many people in the west do - low wages, abuse and lack of protection.

Quality and ethical clothing need attention, dedication, good work conditions and perseverance. They need hard work, up-scale technology and, most of all, love for a cause.

Springkode is lucky to have as partners, brilliant and resilient women, that strive for a better future and they want to send out their message of hope to all the women struggling for a better life:

"Fight for what you want and look for it until you find it.
Don't settle down, there are always alternatives." 

Carla Pereira, Product Manager at PAFIL

Carla and her team.

“I see it as a priority in my company, giving women the opportunity to reconcile their careers with the possibility
of being mothers.”

Mafalda Pinto, CEO at Scorecode Scoop

Mafalda and her team.

“We should never give up what we believe in. Even when we think that everything’s going to go wrong, we must keep fighting.”

Maria Gomes, Commercial Department at TIVA

Maria e Joana Gomes.

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March 5th, 2020Springkode

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