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Do you know that saying “Buy nice or buy twice”? Well, we do, we tested it and, guess what? It works! Quality over quantity does matter – get to know why.

Let's be honest: Fast Fashion has gotten most us used to a buy-use-throw situation. Clothes nowadays are so cheap, so easy to find, so mass produced. They're basically begging to be bought. Right? To us, this is most certainly not right. What we advocate is quality over quantity.

What generally happens is, if you buy low quality, low cost clothes, you need to replace them very quickly. Low quality clothing loses shape, colour and elasticity really fast – it even tears or breaks after some use. This results in you having to buy them again and again and… again. But this does not seem like a problem to most people because these clothes are very cheap. However, in the long run, you end up paying more, for less.

Quality over quantity: our motto!

One of the basic principles of slow fashion is that clothing should be durable, and long lasting. This is achieved through good quality fabric and processes – which reside not only in production but also in design.

But exactly how do we define what is quality – and what is not – and what are Springkode's standards when it comes to quality over quantity?

Let's start off with Organic. Organic clothing implies more quality, and it is not only related to the use of natural fibers. To be able to call something organic, all the processes involved in the production of that something have to be “organic”. In fashion, it includes all stages of the supply chain, from harvesting the raw material to the final product. And this applies not only to fabric itself, but also to buttons, zippers and threads, for example.

Zero waste is another very important aspect of buying quality clothes. If you buy better, you’ll be able to wear clothes that will last much longer. This means you’ll through less clothes away and by doing so, you’ll be protecting the planet and your wallet.

Another pillar is Fair Price. When buying a low-cost item, almost definitely its production was itself low-cost, and those who worked hard in making your clothes were probably not paid a fair wage – this is, obviously, the case of mass production. Yes, it is very comfortable to have clothes at a very low price – but what is the real cost here? At whose expense do you have such a low price?

Lastly, limited production and non-massification. Through producing limited items, garments are more carefully crafted and the attention to detail is much more focused.

Overall, quality over quantity matters not only to you – who will have better clothes that will last you much longer – but to all those involved in making it and, of course, the planet. So, yes, in the end quality over quantity comes down to a simple very wide-known saying: buy nice or buy twice.

August 2nd, 2019Springkode

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